Following John’s post at NBCUniversal where he wrote and directed an endless number of campaigns, he directed John Cena in “The Marine,” an 80’s action parody that showed how many times a man can get blown up in a single day and survive.

As a commercial director, John has forged a successful career specializing in comedy and visual story telling.  His background as an agency creative, his instincts as a filmmaker, and his acute eye for casting have provided a solid foundation for his award-winning content, both branded and otherwise. Blessed with a wit that’s as sharp as it is unapologetic, John creates funny, yet authentic characters that leap off the screen. His eye for casting is phenomenal.  His control of performance beats, improvisation, and timing are finely tuned and unmatched.

John has worked with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, including Amazon, Range Rover, Chevy, Subway and Mercedes, among many others. His comedic brilliance shines through in the details – a gesture, a turn of phrase, a simple reaction – nuances not in the writing, but discovered in the execution, turning funny scenarios into memorable advertising. He values production design, visual effects and harbors a deep appreciation of editors.

John lives by the rule, “to make an audience laugh”, he has to laugh first. An audience can feel John laughing every step of the way, crafting each moment and reminding us all why we love what we get to do for a living.