A whirlwind of energy, John Bonito is an award-winning filmmaker with a bold and intimate style. Bonito’s tireless work ethic and dogged pursuit of his creative vision is inspiring, energizing and infectious. With every script, John finds unique ways to challenge the expected, bringing a strong point of view that’s wholly his own. He’s one of the most thoughtful and considered directors, always striving to unlock an idea’s potential with the filmmaking tools at his disposal.

As a filmmaker John strives for authenticity, impact, and imagination. There’s an athleticism to his work without sacrificing the tactile, human touch. With an incredible dedication to every detail, John focuses on exactly what is needed to get the best out of actors and non-actors alike. His commitment to and ease in collaborating with cinematographers ensures each frame has the look and mood needed to most effectively tell the story.

John has won multiple awards for his work and being obsessed with sports and competition himself, has made him the obvious choice to shoot many of the world’s top athletes. He is uniquely gifted in turning sports stars into performers off the field. From Peyton Manning, Mike Trout and Tiger Woods to Jeff Gordon, Travis Kelce and Michael Jordan, John has worked with the biggest names in sports. His ability to connect with talent and inspire performance is only enhanced when working with celebrities.

A director well known for comedic storytelling, Bonito has written and directed campaigns for the biggest brands in the world for over two decades, crafting powerful spots for DIRECTV, BMW, Mercury, DirectTV, Wendy’s, Nissan, Turbo Tax, Papa John’s, American Express, PEPSI, Pep Boys, Subway, Hasbro, Mercedes, Nissan and Chevy, just to name a few.

Most recently, John directed a series of spots featuring Jason Bateman and Will Arnett in celebration of the USOPEN. Hilarious and entertaining, the spots bring Bonito back to his uniquely comedic roots, showcasing his strong command of tone, storytelling and craft.

John’s work spans brand categories, regions and markets and his vast portfolio of repeat clients is a testament to his competence as a director as well as his character as a human being. He possesses a remarkable sincerity and thoughtfulness, brimming with enthusiasm to engage with others and inspire them to unlock their creative potential.